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Guided Meditation  


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Guided Meditation is a spiritual retreat for ones self.  Using spirit and animal guides to take you through your past lives and ancestors.  When you are deep into guided mediation you can see visual images of your past, present, and future.  This is usually used for self healing and an informational basis.

There are many different approaches to guided meditation, and they have different purposes.  Some have a very specific purpose, such as healing or self-improvement with goals such as creating prosperity, improving relationships, developing forgiveness or any number of other goals.  Other guided meditations are more general, aimed at quieting the mind and producing calmness and relaxation.  Some are designed to evoke “higher states of consciousness” or to enliven various aspects of the human energy field (for example, various “chakra” meditations).

Many guided meditations use imagery, either describing very specific images which produce certain experiences, or inviting the listener to allow their own images to appear.  Others may be body-focused, for example an instruction in progressive relaxation, or there may be instructions with regard to the use of the breath.

Guided meditation can help you:

  • Resolve emotional and spiritual problems
  • Inspirational healing and uplifting
  • It can be used to open your psychic eye
  • Give you a deeper understanding of your life and the lives of your ancestors
  • It works as a muse for writers block and promotes creativity to flow freely

When we do a guided meditation I will use aromatherapy and music.  I will provide a safe and peaceful environment for you to be able to connect with your higher self.

  Guided meditation can be done in person, skype or phone.  
  Price: $75/hour (sessions usually take 1 hour)

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Include your phone number under "Special Instructions" so I can call you to do your guided meditation by phone or to schedule your appointment at my office.  You can call me at (832) 798-4506.  I look forward to speaking with you!  Monica