Psychic Readings by Monica

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My clairvoyant ability, psychic gifts, knowledge of natures healing herbs, Chakras, the power of crystals, and Eastern Medicine give me a large array of tools to help people with all sorts of emotional and health issues.  I can provide guidance with life's tough decisions, advice on relationships, or even remove dark forces from negatively affecting your life.

Are you struggling?  Feel alone and lost?  Not sure what to do next?

I start with an initial consultation, first session, to discuss your needs and goals. I will determine the best of plan of action for you and reveal this plan. During our second session, we will begin focusing on your healing plan. This could include Reiki, Chakra Balancing, Guided Meditation, Aura Reading or writing a dietary plan using special herbs and teas. In the third session, we will discuss any progress or regress you are experiencing. An additional session may be necessary to complete your goals depending on how well you participate with your own healing. This is dependent on your willingness to face what has had a strong hold on you. You are not alone, I will be protecting you through prayer, love and compassion to assure you have all the tools needed to reach a place of healing.

I can help you with:

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  Healing may be done in person or by phone.  
  Price: Free Consultation